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About us

JANA Industries is a leading Lebanese company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of cosmetics and health care products. We are committed to developing top-notch quality to provide the best healthcare and to respond to customers’ needs.

JANA is one of a leading plant in the Health care and Beauty field, dedicated to develop new and enhanced formulations of products and to produce quality health care through providing quality health care products contributes to keep health care expenditure under control.

In few years, JANA has become a leader in manufacturing a wide range of quality cosmetics and Health careproducts as well as developing new and enhanced formulations, having an approved sterile manufacturing facility.

JANA has European Certified GMP that guarantee the good manufacturing, testing at all requested steps starting from  APIs to release of the cosmetic products (Copy attached).


JANA goes International

After its success in Lebanon, JANA started to implement itself in the International markets and well prepared to enter the GCC countries and all MENA region , and in process in Libya , Yemen , Egypt & Sudan .


JANA main objective is customer satisfaction.

In line with its objectives, JANA is structured in operating units that are able to focus on customers’ needs. JANA products are spread through different  lines each one headed by well experienced and trained managers  who has a wide regional experience in this sector.


Operating units:

Cosmetics unit:  One of the most active divisions since the launching of JANA. Due to high number of products, the division is divided into different lines, always near their customers to respond to their queries and needs for the best expected results.


·         The JANAportfolio includes many dermo cosmetic products that are preferred and prescribed by dermatologists

·         The Dermel portfolio includes many dermo cosmetic products that are preferred and prescribed by dermatologists

·         The Camogum Products preferred and prescribed by dentists

·         The Magic Sun as sun line

·         The RE- Pill Portfolio includes shampoos for healthy hair and scalp

·         The O.belli portfolio as FMCG line


Consumer Health line: A well focused unit on well being, hygiene products are carefully and well chosen that enables the customer and the end users to choose easily the product ( Feminine Hygiene, Oral care, hair care, skin care.


Beauty Line unit: Consists of different lines.

·         Anti Age Line

·         Whitening line

·         Sun protection

·         Anti Perspirant       


The structure of the production and export divisions is a dynamic one; it follows and treats each order (production, quality, supply chain, Logistics and regulatory affairs).


JANA Culture and Employees

JANA  today’s challenge is to keep a highly skilled and talented workforce, based on the strong belief that people are the key success factor and differentiator in this dynamic yet, tough Health and Beauty care market.

the executive directors are specialized in the Derma cosmetics field from high European manufacturer and have years of experience in the Derma market and are able to treat and to develop any received requirements for your market.


Growing Stronger…

We are stronger because we are aware that to access any new market we need right partners with good knowledge to understand the culture and needs of customers and diversified cultures.

Our goals are to share with all our business Partners knowledge, education and experience.

We are stronger because we believe in:

  • Business Partnership and mutual collaboration
  • Long term collaboration & transparency
  • Win win situation
  • We share our knowledge on all levels.
  • We learn from our different experiences
  • Effective results
  • We  share the taste of success together
  • Committed to our partners
  • Growing together with our Business Partners

We are confident that JANA market knowledge and excellent coverage of the Lebanese Derma community and beauty centers will lead to a mutual synergy that will be leveraged to satisfy customers and patients’ needs in your market too.


JANA an active member in the Derma cosmetics and Health consumer care field.

As an active member in the Dermo-cosmetics and Health consumer care fields, JANA supported European and local studies on some items, and conducted stand alone congresses with the high prestige Beauty clinics and centers in Lebanon.


JANA Clinical Studies : Italy 2013

  • Sensi Derm : Hypoallergenic test ( In vivo test)
  • JANA Sunscreen: SPF 50+ ( In vitro)



JANA is continuously have the pleasure to meet with our partners, newly appointed distributors and of course new potential Distributors, seizing this opportunity to present our new products and share information on our new technology and development. It is also a great occasion to exchange mutual vision on the export opportunities within the market.


ISO 22716 / GMP